The battle for a better life with cystic fibrosis and a future without

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A miss brandie k CREATION
WELCOME to the beginning… an introduction by miss brandie k:



Hello! This is a fantastic pleasure for me to be able to debut this website! A long time vision and desire of mine to create something worthwhile has finally reached its potential with the help of someone very special to me: thank you Richard. Without his encouragement and expertise, his time and commitment, this website would not be possible. Please have some patience with us while we get things set up here... after all great things do take time to build! However, please do check in often for the updates and changes. Also know that suggestions or advice is always appreciated. Thank you for the support.
My hope for

This is a place for everyone to come together!

: because we have to stick together.

For the loved ones and groupies
(anyone with a cf connection): hopefully you’ll find some helpful information, encouragement and inspiration… maybe even a chance to participate or contribute.

For my “believers”
(I love all my family and friends): here’s where you can find out what’s going on with me and help me in the efforts for a BETTER tomorrow.

(anyone without a personal connection to cf): take some time to look around and get informed, then you can make a difference too!
What is the better battle?
(my perspective)

With so much support of many family and friends, all over the globe, as well as my own wish to reach farther and do BETTER with what has been given to me, I have tried for many years to educate and help spread an understanding message about Cystic Fibrosis. Recently I have recognized a need, especially in the cf community, that we are “growing up”…living longer (thankfully) but our adulthood is rarely understood well.  I’m so thankful to still be here, breathing, but it is NOT an easy battle to wake up each day and take those breaths, therefore I am here to help remind everyone that we want to have BETTER days! We need the voices of cf adults to unite and come together, we need a place to educate and raise awareness while also being real about the ugliness of this disease. We are not victims so there shall be no pity parties here or asking for the sorrow of others but I for one am tired of not being able to say “I feel horrible!” Complaining is not fun, but neither is pretending by hiding the truth with an “okay” and a smile. So I feel like it’s about time to stop “sugar coating” for a more acceptable version.  All I have searched for is some balance and yet I still find that we are either expected to be remarkably brave or we’ve given-up the fight. Well, I believe this daily BATTLE to have many more levels than that and it is my desire and my mission to open a new door and provide a step in the right direction for a BETTER future until we are able to destroy cystic fibrosis. Please help me do this by supporting this website, spreading our message, giving in any of the ways you are able: good thoughts, prayers, love, time & money.  All these things WILL make a difference. So use this website to learn, to understand, to come together, to raise money, to GIVE.  Again, I thank you.
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